What’s With the Butterfly?

The Reason for this Blog

This blog was created to share my personal stories.

My hope is that my stories bring awareness to mental health issues. As well, I hope that they offer some peer support.

The Butterfly has Meaning

The name of this blog/website has many meanings:

1. A Social Butterfly:

I love people, but I also can be horribly scared of social interactions. Yes, I have social anxiety.cropped-anxious-butterfly-header-21.jpg

Recovery is an up and down thing. There are days when I am confident – I can give presentations, lead teams, and/or attend social gatherings. There are also days when I am terrified to walk down the driveway because my friendly neighbours are outside. I’ve been there!

But, I’m happy to say that at this point in my life, I have more good days than bad!

2. The Feeling of Butterflies:

anxious butterfly header 3Sometimes the feeling of butterflies in your stomach is awesome! You are happy, excited, and/or in love.

Other times those butterflies are downright horrible! They are the anxiety that swells up in your system, like a million angry butterflies just waiting to burst out!

A quote from “Butterfly Weeds” by Laura Miller: “It was a completely new experience for me – like someone had just released a million tiny butterflies loose in my stomach, and they were feverishly flying up into my head and making me lose my mind.”

My personal experience includes: anxiety, social anxiety, ptsd, and depression from trauma. I’ve been there!

There is hope. Again, I’m happy to say that at this point in my life, I have more good days than bad.

3. Transition:

I love the idea that there is always hope for change, movement, transition, and metamorphosis.

anxious butterfly headerIt certainly isn’t easy for the caterpillar to change. And yet, it happens with some patience, perseverance, and resilience! At the end of a long struggle we have a vulnerable but strong butterfly.

They fly, they are hope, and they are joy.

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