Change is difficult for me…

Change has always been difficult for me.

Not the little stuff – the BIG stuff.

Big life changes. 

Just to name a few:

New schools, new jobs, new relationships and ending relationships. And….getting engaged, moving in-together, getting married, having children and people moving away.

How do I deal?

  • Sometimes I shut out my feelings and become completely numb.
  • When the change actually happens, I find myself in a state of shock, “Is this actually happening?”
  • Panic sets in….”Must run! I’m freaking out!” The feeling permeates my brain.
  • Then somehow I close my eyes – and DIVE in!

As per usual –  I open my eyes (slowly and carefully) and look around. I breathe a sigh of relief. It’s never as scary as I thought.

In fact, most times the change is fantastic, beautiful and amazing! I’m always thankful I took the leap of faith.

What about the next time?

I try to remember how great change has been for me in the past. For whatever reason, I fall into the “panic and dive” cycle.

Someone else has some insight…

Just because you used to beThe inspiration for my post came from the quote “Just Because You Used to Be, Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be.” I found it in my twitter feed promoting a great post by Andy Puddicombe. The blog is titled: The Wisdom of Uncertainty.

I think it’s a great reminder that things don’t always have to be as they were. 

After all, change always happens. We can depend on it throughout our entire lifespan.


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