A Wonderful and Confusing Thing Happened Yesterday…

As I was changing my 2 year old, he said something that at first sounded magical.

My 2yr Old Said, ”You Have a Rainbow Above Your Head”

The comment has been rolling around in my brain, and I don’t really know what to make of it.

Since the comment has been rolling around in my brain, I thought the best thing to do, was write it out.

The Event:

I was changing my two year old on the change table. Although he is two, he communicates very well and can even rationalize.

As I was changing him, he intently focused on a spot right over my head. He gave me a bright smile and said, “Mommy you have a rainbow on your head.” I stared at him with a smile (and tears in my eyes) and replied, “You see a rainbow right over mommy’s head”. He nodded and kept staring at the same spot above my head. My heart melted a little and I was happy to think that my baby could see something “magical” over my head – even if it was just in his imagination.

Then, as I continued to change him – I started to wonder if something really was there. Heck – I’ve seen a couple episodes of “Long Island Medium”.

So I looked at my happy toddler and asked, “What does the rainbow look like?”

He locked his sparkly eyes with me, smiled and then his eyes broke free from my face. He looked above my head and said, “It’s black. Um, no. Not black. White.”

My thoughts rambled quickly.

  • Was this just a game he was playing?
  • Did he see a rainbow, or something that he just processed as a rainbow?

I took him off the change table, stood him on the floor. I asked him about the colours, and if he saw a face. He easily said “no” to the “face” question and then disregarded my “colour” question. He was already on to new and different things. He began to gleefully jump around and talk about going downstairs to play.

I don’t know what he saw yesterday. I know there wasn’t any light coming in from the window.

Perhaps it was nothing. Maybe some random light was shining on my blond hair – maybe from the ceiling light? Maybe just an odd shadow?

Who knows. What do you think?


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