Try again – Aaliyah

I love this song.

I had just left an important exam that I failed, and I knew I wouldn’t get into the school I wanted to. I was devastated, and thought that my future wasn’t going to turn out how I needed it to turn out.

I was driving, listening to the radio, and crying.

The song “Try Again” came on the radio, and oddly I felt powerful. I was still upset, but it changed how I thought about things.

Sometimes music can be more than music. I remember the song, but the negative memory is only a negative memory. It didn’t change the course of my career at all and the exam wasn’t as important as I made it out to be (note: I have perfection problems).


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  1. Writingofpassage // April 22, 2015 at 11:17 pm //

    Music is magic 🙂

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