Inspiration found – Accepting Loss & Learning to Love Yourself

My parents gave me a random gift recently. The book is called, “Writing Down the Bones.”

So far I’ve just read the pre-face, but there was some beautiful prose that I had to share with anyone that needs to hear it.

Accept loss forever
Be submissive to everything, open, listening
No fear or shame in the dignity of your experience, language, and knowledge
Be in love with your life

– Jack Kerouac

My Thoughts on the Prose:

I find it hard to accept loss:

  • Loss of what I had.
  • Loss of what I never had.
  • Loss of what I think I should have.
  • Loss of the dream to have.

I think Jack Kerouac’s words are a good reminder to try to be open to positive suggestions/ideas – even when it’s really difficult. As well, to reminder ourselves that we are beautiful humans who are perfectly-imperfect.  Too often we judge ourselves and experiences so harshly that we often trump the worst critiques of others. We need to be kinder to ourselves. We deserve it.

To love and be in love with our life because we are here – because we have made it this far, is beautiful. It is so beautiful, that I think I will read it all over again.

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