Socially Anxious ME Got to the Game Yippee!

Hubbie had a recreational hockey game today, and I had some socially anxious thoughts. It is a special game that happens every year on Good Friday, and I knew that there would be a larger crowd. Earlier today, I wrote about my feelings in my blog: Will Anxiety BLOCK Me from Going to Hubbies Hockey Game?

Did I Stay or Did I Go??

I went, and had a good time. There were a couple of hiccups, but overall feeling pretty proud of myself!

How I Prepared:

  • Breathing Exercises.
  • Had small-talk conversation planned.
  • “Thought-Record” to ease my Anxiety.

Details of the Event:

There was no reason to feel anxious while sitting in the stands because no one was talking to each other.

After the game, I was a bit anxious because the guys took a long time in the dressing room. I was left to make random chit-chat with other girlfriends/wives as we waited. Most had children, so the anxiety was tamed by the excitement of the kids running around. Most of the time, I was chasing after my two year old, and returning toys he had “borrowed” from other children.

Once everyone was out in the parking lot, I had a lot more anxious butterflies in my stomach. Hubby was introducing me to all of his hockey friends, and I was getting a little overwhelmed. Too many names, too much small-talk. I handled it like a champ though. I had a list of small-talk things ready to say, so I just plugged them into conversation whenever I got the chance. Having that planned really helped me through the event.

Next stop was the sports bar, and it was packed with our group. We did get a bunch of tables, and I scanned for the best seat. I have a trick to sitting at restaurant tables (with “strangers”) to make myself feel more comfortable. I always sit with my back to a wall so that I am looking OUT to people, and the restaurant. If I get nervous speaking to someone, I can make a scan of the restaurant as a break from eye-contact. It quickly lets me relax. In contrast, the person facing me would only have the option of looking at the people in front of them (and the wall). Never a good spot to sit in.

Overall, I was very happy that I went.

Our two year old son saw his first live hockey game, and excitedly watched his dad play a great game. He had a fantastic time, and was “wowed” by all the action. As well, he saw his first Zamboni – a true Canadian moment.

And…the highlight of the day was when our son saw “daddy” in his hockey uniform he said, “Wow! Daddy is a Super Hero!”

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