Will Anxiety BLOCK ME from Hubbies Hockey Game?

Hubbie has a recreational hockey game today…in 6 hours! Why can’t it be simple?

  • Go to hockey game.
  • Support hubbie’s team!
  • Watch hockey game.
  • Hang out with the other wives and kids.
  • Cheer, clap, laugh, smile, and have fun.
  • Meet at the pub after the game.
  • Go home.

But then my Social ANXIETY brain gets in the way with a million thoughts.

  • Who will be in the stands?
  • Will anyone talk to me? Do I want anyone to talk to me?
  • If someone talks to me, will they like me?
  • What should I wear? Will my clothes be okay?
  • What if the benches in the stands cause me pain?
  • What if my son has a meltdown?
  • What will happen after the game? Will everyone want to go to the bar? Will I have anything to say?
  • Will everyone be relaxing, laughing and having a good time?
  • Will I have to pretend to relax and paste a smile on my face? Will my insides be jumping all over the place – like a million anxious butterflies?

I am on a 6 hour countdown to the game. Going to do a “thought record” and some breathing exercises.

How will today go? I will let you know.


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